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Showroom & art gallery in a self-storage unit

For artists and dealers, a showroom can be the ideal place to display individual creations, antiques, exquisite paintings, rare collections or exciting products. It’s the perfect location for meeting with potential customers. But unfortunately, office space in cities is often too expensive. With self storage, you only pay for the space you need.

Made to measure and flexible

One of the biggest advantages of a showroom in a self-storage unit – as opposed to an exhibition room in a commercial space – is scalability. Where you normally find yourself with too much or too little space when renting a retail unit, with self storage you always have exactly the amount of space you need. Self-storage providers offer great flexibility, allowing you to rent a unit even for just a couple of months.

Park ‘n showroom

Customers and potential buyers don't want to be trekking for miles to visit your gallery or exhibition space. So your showroom needs to be as centrally located as possible and have good transport connections. That’s exactly what modern self storage offers: central locations and plenty of on-site parking.

Künstler lacht in seinem Atelier

When are you open? Always!

Another big advantage of an external storage unit are the opening times. If you're renting a retail unit in a commercial building, it may well be that you don't have access outside of normal office hours. That’s not the case with self storage. You and your visitors can still access your showroom late into the evening – even on Sundays.

Your own Fort Knox

Your art or products are likely to have emotional value and quite possibly also be worth a significant sum. Self-storage units are protected against theft and the contents are completely covered by insurance in the event of damage. It’s Fort Knox for your goods. Exhibition items also need to be stored in regulated temperature- and climate-controlled rooms.

Ambience & style

You’re clearly not going to be serving aperitifs in your self-storage unit, but there is still room for ambience and style. At Zebrabox, you are free to design your showroom as you wish and create a fitting atmosphere for your products – as long as nothing is damaged of course.


You're in the right place here at Zebrabox if you’re looking for a showroom that is

  • centrally located,
  • tailored to your space requirements,
  • easy to reach,
  • accessible at all times,
  • and that provides the right temperature and humidity levels for sensitive items
  • with high security standards.

As the historic pioneer and an experienced leader in the Swiss self-storage industry, we provide tailored solutions for every storage requirement. We are happy to provide you with individual advice with no obligation.

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