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10 tips to help make the most of your storage space

The size is critical. This also applies when choosing your storage room. It's therefore the explicit goal of all Zebrabox customer service staff to offer you the perfect storage room for your needs. For exactly this reason, we always recommend a personal consultation at your chosen Zebrabox facility before storage begins. Ultimately, we don't want to rent you storage space which is left empty over the course of the rental period - which in some cases can be years.

Once a perfectly sized storage room has been selected, it's then a matter of filling it in the most practical and efficient way possible. There are a few points to consider here:

  • Will you need access to your items during the storage period? Or just some of them? If so, then it's a good idea to leave a narrow corridor in the middle. If you don't need access to your items, then you can simply begin storing 'from back to front'.
  • To what extent are your items stackable? Disassembled furniture parts or whole furniture with cubic shapes are easy to stack by playing 'furniture Tetris'. Removal boxes are ideal for stacking, but make sure the fuller (and heavier) boxes go at the bottom, with the lighter (and part-empty) boxes on top. However, bulky items like bags or unpacked items are not easy to stack.
  • Do you have delicate, old or very valuable furniture? This should be well packed (use woollen blankets or bubble wrap) and if possible avoid stacking other items on top.

The following tips will help you make the most of your storage room:

1. Stand sofas on one end

Most of our storage rooms have a 2.65 or 3 metre ceiling. That's higher than the length of most sofas. Depending on the shape of your sofa, it's usually best to stand them on one end. Simply stand your sofa on the side of one of its armrests. It's a good idea to first cover the sofa with bubble wrap or a protective sheet. Since the sofa is the one item upon which other items can't be stacked, standing it on its end is the best solution. Place your sofa in a rear corner of the storage room. You'll be amazed how little space it takes up.

2. Disassemble, disassemble, disassemble

It goes without saying that a disassembled wardrobe takes up less space than a fully assembled one. Therefore, disassemble as much furniture as possible. By doing so you'll make transport easier and save a lot of space in your storage room. If an item can't be completely dismantled, it's often still possible to remove its internals (like shelves, drawers etc.). This creates valuable storage space for smaller objects which might otherwise get damaged or lost.

Remove table legs, disassemble bed frames. It's important to store items which belong together in the same place. Tie all the table legs together and stick a little bag containing the screws to the underside of the table. The same applies to the bed frame and cupboards.

3. Reach new heights!

Now you can really stack things high. Think about it: You rent your storage room from floor to ceiling. Exploit this space as much as possible right from the start.

4. Heavy objects at the bottom, light ones on top

This goes without saying. Stack light objects on top of heavy ones. The same applies to storage boxes: place heavy boxes containing books or crockery at the bottom; stack lighter boxes on top, with the lightest ones at the very top.

5. Large objects at the back, small ones at the front

First, place all large objects (like sofas, non-dismantlable cupboards and other large furniture items) at the back of the storage room. This allows you to stack as high as possible right from the start (see point 3). In addition, you'll be better able to judge the amount of remaining space.

6. Roll up and protect carpets

Carpets need much less space when they're rolled up, rather than folded. Roll your carpet up and pack it in a suitable plastic sheath. If you want to store the rolled carpet upright, you can roll it up around a long, sturdy object (e.g. a curtain rod).

7. Store mattresses upright

For the sake of your mattress, don't roll it up. Place it in a mattress cover upright against a wall of your storage room. Standing the slatted frame from the bed in front of the mattress will prevent it from tipping over or buckling. Save space and protect your mattress at the same time!

8. Put small and bulky objects in boxes

Pack all small and bulky items in removal boxes. These can then be easily stacked, saving you space in your storage room.

9. Place important items near the front

If you will need regular access to items in your storage room, think about storing the most important items right at the front.  This will save you tedious searching and rearranging. Store all items you will need regularly in one place (e.g. in a single storage box) and label this clearly.

10. Despite everything: don't overfill your storage room

Although you're striving to efficiently use every cubic centimetre of your storage room, make sure to leave sufficient opening room behind the door. Think about the first time you open the door to get to your things. You don't want a pile of your favourite furniture to come crashing down on you...