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Who is Madame Sum?

Dominik Sträuli from Madame Sum

Multi-culturalism, passion and dough. These are the ingredients of “Madame Sum”. We interviewed Dominik Sträuli, the marketing leader of the hip, emerging gastro start-up. Now we know how it came about and why Madame Sum chose Zebrabox of all things as a partner.

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Peppes Ingwerer — From crazy notion to success story

Peppes Ingwerer: made by hand

"Peppes Ingwerer" is made independently and by hand, producing a ginger liqueur of unequalled taste and quality. Simon Borchardt and Philip Jenzer are achieving great success with their creation, supplying numerous bars throughout Switzerland. The liqueur has also recently been made available to order via their website.

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Innovative and flexible — eflizzer and Zebrabox

Innovative and flexible — eflizzer

The eflizzer, a foldable, robust and light e-bike with a compact and innovative design. These amazing bikes are stored at Zebrabox in Zurich-Oerlikon.

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In our first customer portrait we are delighted to introduce the online shop, owned by Melanie Kohler de Marquez and Fatima Freitag, both from Bern. 

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