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Storage of Archives

No more space in your office to store your archive? Is your cellar to humid or unsecure for your confidential archives?

With Zebrabox you can store your documents safely and discrete. Either very compact if it is an inactive archive or on shelves allowing quick access at any time. You still have the control over your archives but no additional costs in case you would need anything. Zebrabox can also organise the confidential destruction of your archives after several years.

Many Law firms, medical doctors and other companies take advantage of using this service.

Contact us, so we can make you a tailor made offer.

Self Storage, Selfstorage or Ministorage allowed you to rent your personal storage.

With Zebrabox you have the choice from very small (1m3) to very large (50m2). From short term (as off one week) to long term. You have access 7 days a week in most cases from 6am until 10pm.Up to 24 hours access available, if needed. Each storage is individually alarm-secured and sight-protected. Our buildings are video surveyed.

Your valuable goods are safely stored with Zebrabox.

Save Money

Looking to save money?

96.7% of all customers overestimate the necessary volume.

We will be happy to advise you!

10 good reasons to store with Zebrabox:

  • 1. As off one week or as long as needed
  • 2. Size tailored to your needs
  • 3. Free access 7 days a week
  • 4. Private, individual and sight-protected storage
  • 5. Alarm-secured and video surveyed
  • 6. Heated and dry
  • 7. Free parking
  • 8. Packaging material on site in our ZebraShop
  • 9. We help you organise your removal
  • 10. Short-term booking possible